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Dear Swakula Bandhus,
Mr.Sanath Kshirasagar has requested me to publish this letter in this blog...wherein he is looking for a job...
Please help him...
The letter goes like this...
I am Software Engg Having 2.9yrs of  Exp in .NET  Technologies if there are any openings in Bangalore or even any location please do inform me,
my details are as follows : 

Curriculum Vitae                            Sanathkumar Kshirsagar
Dajibanpet 56/1, 1st Floor
Opp of T B Temple
Cell: +919019710316

Ø      Total Two Years Nine Months of experience In Application Development, Analysis, Design, Testing, Implementation And Support Phases Of Software Development Life Cycle.
Ø      Strong Domain Expertise in development of various subsystems Of The C, C++, VB, ASP, VB.NET, ASP.NET, Oracle, MS Access, Hardware & Networking Windows & Linux
Ø      Excellent Debugging and Trouble Shooting skills.
Ø      Expertise in Programming using VB, ASP, VB.NET, ASP.NET. knowledge of C# programming. Sound knowledge of Hardware & Networking (Windows & Linux)
Ø      Worked as Project Developer at Liberty Software Solutions Hubli, Worked as System Analyst at Meta-I Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Currently Working as Software Engg in Aalpha Information System Pvt Ltd Hubli.
Ø      Ability to work under tight deadlines and produce quality deliverables.
Ø      Willing to adapt to New Technology.


Year of passing
Diploma In Computer Science & Engineering
KLE’S Polytechnic Hubli
DCHNP Certified Hardware & Networking Professional
Jetking Institute Hubli
A Grade


Ø      Worked as Software Programmer in Liberty Software Solutions Hubli for 2 Years
Ø      Worked as System Analyst in Meta-I Technologies Pvt Ltd Bangalore for 5 months
Ø      Currently working as SOFTWARE ENGGINEER in Aalpha Information System Pvt Ltd  From March 01st  2011 till Date


Operating Systems
Windows XP/2000/2003/NT and SUSE Linux
Programming Language
MS SQL SERVER, Oracle 8i,9i


1. Report Generation And IVRS System

Organization: Liberty Software Solutions
Environment: VB & VB.NET (2003)
Duration: Sept 2006 – May 2007
Team Size: 5

The Report Generation & IVRS Application Is On E Of The Project Developed To Local Business Organization And Students For Academic Year, Which I Developed The Project In VB As My Academic Project & In VB.NET For Local Organization Which Consist Of Data And Report Of The Organization And Interface For Customer To Interact And Get The Rate Of The Product Of The Sale And Buy

IVR (Interactive Voice Recognition) Application:
Interface For Customer To Interact And Get The Rate Of The Product Of The Sale And Buy

Ø      Interacting With The Client To Gather Requirements.
Ø      Involved In Designing The Configuration Parameters For The Setup.
Ø      Involved In Coding, Testing, Implementation And Currently Providing
Production Support  for the Client.

2. Insurance Policy Management(Knowledge Base)

Organization: Liberty Software Solutions
Environment: VB.NET 
Duration: 5-Aug-2006 to 10-Dec-2007
Team Size: 1

IPM Is Based On A Policy Company Which Deals With Customer For New & Current General Policy, & Over All Polices Of Public It Holds Down The Supporting System For Policy System Of A Company And Stores Details Of The Customer And Their Policy Details     

Ø      Storing Customer Details & Information Of Policy
Ø      Entering The Customer Details & Generating Reports

3. HESCOM Scope Work

Organization: Rolta India Ltd, Bangalore
Environment: Field Work For GIS Mapping
Duration: 5-March-2007 to 25-April-2007
Size: 1

As part of major GIS based project there was requirement by the  company to check and verification of the HT & LT Networks in the field.

Ø      Verification & marking of HT & LT poles and DP, GOS System
Ø      Verification and marking of HT Feeders
Ø      Verification and marking of LT Feeders
Ø      Marking of Poles No’s and TC No’s wherever available
Ø      Marking of Land Base changes if any
4. Insurance Policy Help Desk

Organization: Liberty Software Solutions
Environment: ASP.NET With VB
Duration: 2-Feb-2008 to 8-Sept-2008
Size: 2

IPHD Is Based On A Policy Company Which Deals With Customer For
Helping General People For Getting The Knowledge Of The Polices Of Various Companies To Avail Advantage & Disadvantage Of The Of Polices
Ø      Giving The Needed Help To Public About Insurance Polices
Ø      Advantage And Disadvantage Of The Polices
Ø      Detail Information Of The Company And Its Policy

5. Doctors Appointments

Organization: Liberty Software Solutions
Environment: ASP.NET (C#)
Duration: 10-Oct-2008 To 5-Feb-2009
Size:      3

Doctor Appointment Is Based For the General People Who Can Get Appointment and Availability of the Doctor For Consultancy Can Know Doctor Available For the Diseases They Are Facing Can Get The Appointment From The   Site And Register them Self For Treatment

Ø      Getting Information And Appointment of Doctor For Respective
Diseases Treatment
Ø      Consultation Time and Availability In Local Areas

6. Query Interface an Enterprise Tool For Oracle (Academic Project)

Organization: Smt. Kamala and Shri. Venakappa M Agadi College Of Engg        
Environment: VB.Net
Duration: 10-Jan-2010 To 20-May-2010
Size: 4

Enterprise Tool for Oracle database is basically used for providing user interface to execute SQL queries. The project is carried out on VB.NET, a very popular platform. (Visual Basic.NET is an object-oriented computer language that can be viewed as an evolution of Microsoft’s Visual Basic implemented on the Microsoft.NET framework) The striking feature of this platform is that, programmer can easily modify and add components according to the requirements. Present oracle system is a command based system in which programmer has to type Command in order to query the request. It is a tedious and time-consuming process to implement.  To make this job simpler we are providing Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Oracle Data Base System. Basically Front End GUI tool is an application for oracle database system.

Ø      Building GUI Tool For DML/DDL 
Ø      Creating View and Sequences
Ø      Granting Privileges
Ø      Object Tracker For Particular Schema
Ø      Creating User
Ø      Creating Table By One Click Event

7. META-varsity
    University Term Examination Management

Organization: Meta-I Technologies Pvt Ltd
Environment: ASP.NET (VB) & SQL SERVER
Duration: July 26th 2010 to October 14th 2010

META-varsity is a comprehensive solution for management of University examinations. It primarily addresses the pains & concerns of Universities with ease. The process adapts to the existing methodology of the university by implementing certain technological & operational elements thereby adding value to the examination process. Intricate areas are primarily addressed owing to the scope for error while accuracy, tracking, cost and time is a major impediment.
The process is undertaken across - Pre-Examination; Post Examination; Post Examination Integration and Re-valuation stages initiating with -
  • Pre-Application Processing
  • Capturing candidate data through proprietary software
  • Customization to cross match answer scripts
  • Gunning for discrepancies
  • Generation of marks list enabled through OMR based Award Sheets
  • Relevant reports being generated
By leveraging technology, superior levels of process efficiency is assured thereby facilitating -
  • Tracking and audit
  • Cost reduction
  • Time optimization
  • Effective manpower utilization
  • Accuracy enhancement
Advantage META-i
  • Dedicated off-site resource deployment
  • Streamlined automated process facilitating increased efficiency & effectively
  • B O O T - an option after a minimum engagement of 3 years
1.    Technical Support and Coding of Few Screens At Mysore University
2.    Technical Support and Coding Of Few Screen Assigned At Mangalore University

8. Custom Based Application
 Organization: Aalpha Information System/Weir India Pvt Ltd Hubli
Environment: VB.NET AND ORACLE 8 i
Duration: March 01st  2011 till Date
This application consist of Many Modules Such as Non Commercial(General)  Purchase System”   This basically helps customer to purchase the general items required for office by placing request and  generating  Purchase Order and creating goods receipt notes  on delivery of item for invoice generation.

Ø      Design of database and screen
Ø      Coding
Ø      Testing
Ø      Implementation

References: Will be made available on request

Thanks & Regards
Sanathkumar Kshirsagar
Srikanth Matrubai

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