Monday, April 26, 2010


The Jiveshwara Credit Co-operative Society's Elections which were due this year went off smoothly.
The elections were held on 22nd March, 2010 at the Swakula Sangha premises.

The elections this year saw keen enthusiasm among all the members of the Society.
The total members of the Society as on the Election Date was 2600.

Inspite of being a working day, there was sufficient voting percentage touching just a notch below 50.

The total votes cast were 1280.
Controversies were there as usual. The Opposition candidates were complaining that they recd the notice for elections very late and hence had less time to canvass.
Some voters were angry that they were not distributed "Conveyance Allowance" which was paid to all the voters last time. They were seen agitating angrily against the President of the Society, Mr.C.Ganesh.
This year saw the re-election of the same board of directors who were in power last time around.

Supporters of the winning candidates burst crackers and distributed sweets. The losing candidates did not lose heart and vowed to return for the next election with better preparation and win.

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