Tuesday, December 21, 2010


The Samyukta Swakula Sali Credit Co-operative Socitey has started inviting applications from prospective members.
Mr.Umesh Bhandare has sent the following letter to me and I am printing it here for the benefit of the entire Swakula Sali Samaj...

Dear Swakula Bandhu,

Samyuktha Swakula Sali Sangha, Bangalore is a well-known Sangha since six years from the date of its establishment in the hear ts of entire Swakula Sali community in Bangalore, as well across the entire state of Karnataka for its valuable services to the overall growth of our Swakula Sali community.
The Vadhu-Vara Samavesha, Engineers-Meet, Free Medical camp, felicitations to the renowned dignitaries/merit students of our community, Celebration of Women's day, spor ts, & cultural program for Women & Children, Celebration of traditional festivals through Mahila mandali, Yearly Celebration of Lord Sri Jivheshwar Jayanthi are the key events the Sangha has organized successfully with the co-operation & suppor t of the Swakula Sali community people.
The main objective of the Sangha is “to make our community to prosper at all levels, shall be one of the best recognized and developed community” in the years to come.As a part of developmental activity, the Sangha started this year on Lord Sri Jivheshwar Jayanthi, a financial establishment , “SAMYUKTHA SWAKULA SALI CREDIT CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY” to help, improve, up-hold and to fulfill the financial needs of our community members required for education, business, medical treatment, vehicles, property etc.
A team of dedicated members is formed to look after the operations of the credit society and provide effective and prompt service.

Sri Gururaj Jujare 99860 48319 
Sri Naveen Chillal 94481 81912 
Sri Ramakrishna Padmukhi 98450 3533
Sri Giridhar Gayakwad 94489 68364
Dr. Pushpa T. Kshirasagar 94496 1005
Sri Mallikarjun Dhotre 98862 55569
Sri Basavaraj Padamukhi 98453 64161
Sri Purushotham Rasalkar 98802 9473
Sri Venkatesh Chillal 94480 56300Sri 
C.N. Bhandare 98456 94230

Please enroll for the membership of the "SAMYUKTHA SWAKULA SALI CREDIT CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY".
The membership details are as follows:-1. Application form fees - Rs. 25/-2. Passport size photos - 33. Minimum 10 Shares, each face value of Rs. 100/-.
For further details, please contact the team members as mentioned above.

Best Regards,on behalf of Samyuktha Swakula Sali Sangha, Bangalore

I request the swakula sali samaj to make use of this golden opportunity and become member of this Society.

Srikanth Matrubai

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