Saturday, August 28, 2010


A change of job request has been made by S.R.Prashanth Sarode.
Fellow Salis who know of any openings are requested to contact him.

#3, 1st cross, 9th main,
3rd block nagarbhavi 1st stage,
 Bangalore - 560072.
Ph - 9980680728.


Ø      From   3rd November 2008 to till the date: 
Working as a Floor Coordinator in  Convergys India services Pvt Ltd.


·        Manage a headcount of 220 including 13 Team Leaders.  Co Ordinate with respect to all the requirement
·        Ensure accurate and timely schedules
·        Focus on real time agent productivity, performance and scheduled adherence
·        Co-Ordinate trouble tickets and escalations
·        Manage intraday client program metrics to meet or exceed contractual requirements
·        Initiate and execute plans for unusual volumes
·        Provide floor management directions through, face to face, phone and messaging applications
·        Track, update and send the performance updates.
·        Clients and Internal reports made and sent on a daily basis
·        Management of Leaves for the complete program. Along with managing E sat

Academic Details

Professional: Pursuing MBA (Finance) Graduation from 
                         Sikkim Manipal University

Formalized:     B.Sc Degree from National College, Basavanagudi
               (Affiliated to Bangalore University)


Hotel Management

Front End:        Visual Basics 6.0
Back End:        MS-ACCESS


Computer skills

C, C++, VB 6.0
Operating system: MS-DOS, WINDOWS 2000, and XP.

Work experience :

From July 6th  2005 to Dec 15th 2006
Ø      Worked in Airtel, as an associate customer relation (front end – Lobby).

 Job Profile:


·                   Retail Operations– daily cash sales, bill collections and handling walk-in customers
·                  Inventory Control – inward & outward movement of SIM cards, currencies, in charge of sole retail.
·                  Customer Interactions – billing & collections, maintenance of daily report, attending customer Queries Explanation of tariffs, billing.
·                  Activations – in charge of Activations for Post paid cards
·                  Internal Control - preparation of periodic MIS reports, implementation of internal checks & controls, co-ordination with the internal sales team

Areas of Expertise

           Retail Operations
           Customer Interactions

Generic Skills

           Friendly, outgoing and pleasing personality.
           Hardworking coupled with initiative and drive.
           Proven ability to plan, manage and motivate.
           Sound leadership qualities and people management skills.
                       Good Analytical skills.
           Good Communication skills

Ø      From Jan  2nd  2007 to till  3rd November 2008:
Worked as Customer care officer for Convergys India services Pvt Ltd.

 Job Profile:

·        Handling customer queries & objections being a major part of job profile
·        Amendment checks for the new recruits
·        Taking charge of the team in absence of Team Leader
·        Floor walking when required
·        Call coaching the new team members
·        Observing Team Leader’s while call coaching and implementing the same on the new recruits.                   
·        Motivating the team and doing role-plays with CSR’S helping them generate leads
·        Dealing with Credit Cards for HSBC Bank USA.
·        Handling calls for DR clients (Direct response).  
·        Multiple products where in customers call through T.V advertisements.  

Personal Profile:

  Name:                                    S.R.Prashanth

              Fathers Name:                        S.K. Ramachandra Rao

              Date of Birth:                          25-08-1982

              Permanent Address:                #3, 1st cross 9th main 3rd block nagarbhavi 1st stage
                                                            Bangalore -560072.

  Religion:                                 Hindu [Marathi].

              Languages Known:                 English, Hindi, Kannada, and Marathi.

              Hobbies:                                 Participating in debates, chess and traveling.


Seeking a challenging career and simulative work environment, that encourages continuous learning and provides exposure to new ideas and personal and professional growth. I will utilize the opportunity given to prove and improve myself.


I do hereby confirm that the information furnished above is true to the best of my         knowledge and belief.

Date:                                                                                S.R.Prashanth
            Place: Bangalore     
Mobile : 9980680728                                                                                                                                             

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Monday, August 23, 2010


B.E.SWAKULA has been a doing a yeoman service to the society.
Established in 1994, the B.E.SWAKULA has been carrying on the tradition of conducting “Yajur Upakarma”.
Continuing this social service, the B.E.SWAKULA is conducting the “Yajur Upakarma” for the Swakula Sali community at the ಅನಂತ್  ಆಶರಂ  on 24th ಆಗಸ್ಟ್ ೨೦೧೦ the Anantha Asharama on 24th August 2010.

The programme starts at 7.30 am.
Swakula Sali bandhus are encouraged to participate in large numbers and make this programme successful.
The programme will be conducted under the guidance of the learned and revered Veda Brahma Shri.:Prabhakar Bhattar.
Those desirous of participating are requested to bring along with them
1. ಪಂಚ  ಪತ್ರೆ   Pancha Patre
2. ಅಂಗ  ವಸ್ತ್ರ  Anga Vastra
3. ಪಂಚ  ಪತ್ರೆ  Pancha Patre
4. ಉದ್ದರ್ನೆ  Uddarne
5. A  ಚಿಕ್ ತಮ್ಮನನ್  (a small plate). 

 :ಈ ಪ್ರಪಂಚದಲ್ಲಿ ಒಬ್ಬ ಮನುಷ್ಯ ಎಷ್ಟೇ ಶ್ರೀಮಂಥನಾದರೂ ಅವನ ಹೃದಯದಲ್ಲಿ ಪ್ರೀತಿ ಇಲ್ಲ ದ್ಹಿದ್ಹರೆ ಅವನು ಬಡವನಾಗುತಾನೆ .

Srikanth Matrubai
ಶ್ರೀಕಾಂತ್ ಮತ್ರುಬಿ

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Friday, August 20, 2010



Our 'Kula Deva' Sri Bhagwan Jihveshwara' Jayanti is being celebrated in a grand scale by the entire Swakula Sali community.
The "SAMYUKTA SWAKULA SALI SANGHA" is organising a grand programme with lot of cultural programmes thrown in at Cubbon Park, opp MS Building on this Sunday, 22nd August 2010.
Minister Sri.Katta Subramanya Naidu will grace the occassion.

The SWAKULA SALI SANGHA", Bangalore is organising a programme on its premises in Laxman Rao Road, Huriopet throughout the day. There will be 'Traditional Pandari Bhajan' in the evening.

All Swakula Sali Bandhus are requested to celebrate the Jayanthi and attend both the programmes.

This month (August)'s
SWAKULA CHETANA issue has a photo of our beloved Lord Sri BHAGWAN JIHVESWARA., you are requested to make use of the photo and have it framed and ensure that the photo is duly worshipped.

Srikanth Matrubai

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


The August issue of our beloved magazine SWAKULA CHETANA was released today. Subscribers should receive their copy within 3-5 working days.
Those who are interested in subscribing can contact :
Srikanth Matrubai 9972520155
M.H.Narayana 9448517606
Dhage Narayana 9448224508
Ramesh.N.Bhandari 9980277558
Mallesh Lokhande 9342142233
ChandraBhanu 9900452523

 Please spread the good news and ensure that every swakula sali household subscribes to the beloved and informative SWAKULA CHETANA.

Jai Jihveshwara!!!!

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Sunday, August 15, 2010


SRI JIHVESHWARA VIDYABRIDHI TRUST has been doing yeoman service to the swakula sali student community by providing books, scholarships, etc to the economically weaker sections of the Community.

Besides this services, the Trust recently organised FREE MEDICAL CAMP following the motto of 'HEALTH IS WEALTH".

The Medical Camp was held at Sri Anantha ashram and Sri chandramouleshwara Temple premises between 9 am to 2pm by renowned Doctors in the respective fields.

The Camp had a variety of Doctors catering to patients of varying from
1.      Dr.Satish Chandra.P.S. --- Diabetes
2.      Dr.Vasanth Kumar --- Child Care
3.      Dr.Pushpa Kshirasagar --- Gynecologist
4.      Dr.Ashok ---- Opthalmagist
5.      Dr.Vittal Sapare ---  Orthopedic Specialist
6.      Dr.Sunanda Pradeep Kumar --  General Physician
7.      Dr.Narayana Murthy --- Eye Specialist
8.      Dr.Dileep Kumar --- General Physician
9.      Dr.Sujata Narayana Murthy --- ENT Specialist
10.  Dr.Mahesh Kumar --- Dentist
11.  Dr.Sandhya Mahesh Kumar --- Dentist
12.  G.Parameshwar --- Anesthesia Surgeon
13.  Dr.Padmathy --- Pediatric

Besides, a lab was set up by Dr.Satish Chandra.P.S. and his PREMA MEDICAL CENTRE team where Free Blood Pressure, ECG and Free Sugar check up was done.

Mr.Chakrapani conducted free Sugar and BP check ups.

Ramakrishna Medicals and Amar Medicals provided FREE medicines to needy patients.

The Camp was a great success and was attended by good number of Swakula Salis, who took this opportunity to consult the doctors and get advise to improve their health.

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