Sunday, August 15, 2010


SRI JIHVESHWARA VIDYABRIDHI TRUST has been doing yeoman service to the swakula sali student community by providing books, scholarships, etc to the economically weaker sections of the Community.

Besides this services, the Trust recently organised FREE MEDICAL CAMP following the motto of 'HEALTH IS WEALTH".

The Medical Camp was held at Sri Anantha ashram and Sri chandramouleshwara Temple premises between 9 am to 2pm by renowned Doctors in the respective fields.

The Camp had a variety of Doctors catering to patients of varying from
1.      Dr.Satish Chandra.P.S. --- Diabetes
2.      Dr.Vasanth Kumar --- Child Care
3.      Dr.Pushpa Kshirasagar --- Gynecologist
4.      Dr.Ashok ---- Opthalmagist
5.      Dr.Vittal Sapare ---  Orthopedic Specialist
6.      Dr.Sunanda Pradeep Kumar --  General Physician
7.      Dr.Narayana Murthy --- Eye Specialist
8.      Dr.Dileep Kumar --- General Physician
9.      Dr.Sujata Narayana Murthy --- ENT Specialist
10.  Dr.Mahesh Kumar --- Dentist
11.  Dr.Sandhya Mahesh Kumar --- Dentist
12.  G.Parameshwar --- Anesthesia Surgeon
13.  Dr.Padmathy --- Pediatric

Besides, a lab was set up by Dr.Satish Chandra.P.S. and his PREMA MEDICAL CENTRE team where Free Blood Pressure, ECG and Free Sugar check up was done.

Mr.Chakrapani conducted free Sugar and BP check ups.

Ramakrishna Medicals and Amar Medicals provided FREE medicines to needy patients.

The Camp was a great success and was attended by good number of Swakula Salis, who took this opportunity to consult the doctors and get advise to improve their health.

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