Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fellow Sali Giridhar Gaikwad in Deccan Herald

Dear Swakula Bandhus,
It really feels nice when we see a Fellow Sali in media and when that happens to be a National Newspaper like the DECCAN HERALD., then there are no words to describe the feeling...
Recently, on 27th July 2011, Deccan Herald carried a article on the International Hostel of the BMS College of Engineering.
This Hostel has students from all over the World and the Warden of this Hostel is FELLOW SALI SRI.. GIRIDHAR GAIKWAD!!!

The article carried a photograph of Sri.Giridhar Gaikwad and his musings...He said to the newspaper "it is a fantastic opportunity for me to mingle with multi cultural and multi lingual people".

What a nice feeling!!!

Srikanth Matrubai

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