Sunday, November 23, 2014


Swakula Bandhu,
Good news is here!!!!

The long pending renovation of Bathrooms and Toilets at the Sri Sadguru Anatha Swamy Ashrama is in sight!
According to Sri.Chandrakanth Bhandari, the renovation of Bathrooms and Toilets, which was suggested by Sri.Shingade Narsimha Murthy long back has been backed by our beloved Gandhinagar MLA who is also the Food and Civil Supplies Minister, Sri Sri. Dinesh Gundu Raoji. 

Sri.Sri. Dinesh Gundu Raoji has always patronised the Swakula Sali Samaj and has attended almost all functions and events organised by the Community without fail.

The Design and Architecture of the proposed Bathrooms and Toilets (designed by Mrs.Poornima Dattaprakash) was appreciated by the Honorable Minister and he has gracefully approved the Renovation Charges under the MLA Local Development Scheme.

We pray Bhagwan Sri.Jihveshwara Maharaj and Sri Sadguru Anantha Swamy's blessings be always shine on the large hearted Minister Sri. Sri. Dinesh Gundu Raoji.

Srikanth Matrubai

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