Saturday, November 19, 2011

Want Loans against purchase of Two-wheelers, Desktops???

Dear Swakula Bandhus,

    For Loans against purchase of Two-wheelers, Desktops etc.. please contact Sri Gururaj Jujare  –  9986048319 ( Samyuktha SwakulaSali Credit Co-op Society, Bangalore  )

Some info about
Samyuktha SwakulaSali Credit Co-Operative Society is exclusively meant for the welfare of Swakula Sali community. It is mainly established to help, improve, up-hold and to
fulfill  the  financial  needs  of  our  community members  required  for  education,  business, medical treatment, vehicles, property etc.

Sangha expects the support and blessings of our community people to establish and run this Credit Co-Operative Society most efficiently. Sangha requests our community people to become members of this Society & be a part of overall growth and development of our community.

 The membership details are as follows:
Application form Rs. 25/- 3 passport size photographs Minimum 10 Shares, each of face value Rs. 100/-.
For further details, please contact the team members as given above.
Sangha once again requests everyone to become a member of
“Samyuktha Swakula Sali Credit Co-operative Society”
and to be a party to the growth & development of themselves & our community.

Good wishes to all community members.

Srikanth Matrubai
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